Liberals set up a climate committee to develop the Party's climate policy.

"Our climate policy should withstand scrutiny from both researchers and families," says party leader Johan Pehrson.

Liberal Party leader Johan Pehrson speaks at the beginning of the Party's Parliamentary Session in Linköping Konsert & Kongress on Saturday.
Liberal Party leader Johan Pehrson speaks at the beginning of the Party's Parliamentary Session in Linköping Konsert & Kongress on Saturday.

He speaks before a few hundred of the party's local and regional politicians at the Liberals' Parliamentary Session in Linköping. The news in the speech is that the Liberals will appoint a committee to develop the party's climate policy.

"Climate Deniers have managed to advance their positions – a lot because climate policy has got a bad reputation," says Pehrson.

He blames the former red-green government for that.

"The policy of the previous government may have damaged confidence in Sweden's fundamentally ambitious climate work," says Pehrson.

"Just look at the red-green dismantling of nuclear power."

Kitchen table identity"

The L-leader states that Sweden, with the new bourgeois government, now receives "a new, liberal climate policy that is both effective and ambitious".

"In order to accelerate climate work, the Liberals are now setting up their own climate committee", says Pehrson.

"In advance of the European Parliament elections in 2024, no one should doubt that we are the green vote of the bourgeoisie."

The Committee has three tasks: to "create the kitchen table identity" for the new climate policy.

Another is to deliver proposals that "promote a good business climate – for the climate".

"We do not believe in environmental partisan switch-off or in giving up climate targets", says Pehrson.

According to him, wind power, nuclear power and solar power will create a secure foundation for Swedish companies to stand on.

The third task of the Committee is to deliver proposals on how Sweden can export its climate work to Europe.

Pehrson sees that Sweden exports carbon dioxide-free steel, fossil-free electricity and the latest generation of batteries to Europe.

"We will also export our ambitious climate goals to Europe.

Promises bets

In his speech, Pehrson also takes up the high food prices and inflation. He notes that it makes it difficult for households to get the money to last until the end of the month.

However, Pehrson does not provide new information on how the government will support households.

"Now we have to push down the galloping inflation. The road there is boring and difficult. It's about pursuing responsible fiscal policy", says Pehrson.

He also highlights the Liberals' old proposal that Sweden should exchange the krona for the euro.

The L-leader and Minister for Labor Pehrson promise investments when price increases have decreased.

"We want to see big investments in the school, in the climate, in the jobs, and not to mention the care and care", he says.