The police do not start a preliminary investigation against former party secretary Johan Ingerö of the Christian Democrats, the police write an e-mail to TT.

Former party secretary of the Christian Democrats Johan Ingerö. Archive image.
Former party secretary of the Christian Democrats Johan Ingerö. Archive image.

"The reported act is time-barred (it has been so long since the act cannot be prosecuted)", writes the pre-trial investigator at the Stockholm Police Department in his explanatory statement.

Ingerö was recently reported to the police by his party colleague Sara Skyttedal for "trying to take the right" to her body at an after-party in 2014. According to Skyttedal, among other things, he should have caressed the inside of her thighs.

Five months

She herself wrote on Facebook that she has been joking and belittled the event but now chose to report to the police.

Ingerö has argued that what is claimed is not true; yet he was forced to leave his post as party secretary on Tuesday after just five months in the post.

The report was referred to as sexual harassment, a crime that has a limitation period of five years.

When the Christian Democratic Party leader Ebba Busch was asked why Ingerö was forced to leave her assignment, she replied that it is about the party needing a person with other qualities as party secretary. Ingerö has had "well documented external communicative forces", who served Christian Democratic Party well during the transition from opposition to government party.

"We need to have other primary strengths in the future that are about organizational building", Busch said.

Key player.

She argued that the notification was not the reason why Ingerö had to stop, but that it "resists question marks" about his ability to remain as party secretary.

When Ingerö was appointed party secretary in October 2022, Ebba Busch described him as a "key player of the team" who would work for a stronger Christian Democrats to the elections in 2026.