"Electricity support for 4.3 million households in electricity price areas 3 and 4 (southern Sweden) starts to be paid according to plan, more specifically from 20 February", says Försäkringskassan.

Within a few days after that, the vast majority should have received their money, according to Director General Nils Öberg.

This is how the electricity support will be paid out. Archive image.
This is how the electricity support will be paid out. Archive image.

In order to facilitate payment, the relevant customers should notify their bank account to Swedbank's account register, no later than 13 February.

Försäkringskassan has built a completely new payment system for electricity support.

"We have managed to create this in a very short time. Another good thing is that the system will be able to be reused, not only for the next payment of electricity support but also for other kinds of crisis support if needed in the future," says Försäkringskassan's Director General Nils Öberg in a press release.

The payments start February 20th, then it takes a couple of business days before the money is in the account.

"In general, all payments will leave Försäkringskassan within a few days", says Nils Öberg at a press conference.

In order for it to be as soon as possible, those who expect to receive money should report their account to Swedbank, which is the bank that makes the payments. Information is available on the bank's website about how it works.

If you do not have an account known to Försäkringskassan, payments will be made via payment slips.