The government is launching an "international information campaign" on the shift that is now being implemented in Swedish migration policy.

"In the long run, the aim is for fewer people to come here," says Minister of Migration Maria Malmer Stenergard, from the Moderates (M).

Minister for Migration Maria Malmer Stenergard (M) and Group leader of the Swedish Democrats in Parliament Henrik Vinge (SD) are holding press conference.
Maria Malmer Stenergard, Minister for Migration, and Henrik Vinge, Leader of the Sweden Democrats in Parliament, are holding a press conference.

The information campaign will be aimed at foreign authorities and other authorities with foreign contact areas, says Minister of Migration Maria Malmer Stenergard at a press conference.

Communication should also be directed to foreign media and foreign embassies in Sweden.

"Today, two thirds of those who come to Europe lack protection reasons. Many of them will have to return and even more so with Swedish politics during this government and the cooperation party," says Maria Malmer Stenergard.

Reinforced requirements

"Many migrants put their lives in the hands of refugee smugglers," she says.

"Yet they will then have to return. If they get information about the regulations that apply here, we reduce the risk of suffering for these persons and can focus to a greater extent on those who really have protection reasons."

TT: Is the message that Sweden is full?

"The message is about describing exactly what the Swedish migration policy looks like and will look like, where it is about tighter rules for family immigration, stricter supply requirements and stricter requirements for citizenship."

The number of newly arrived migrants and asylum seekers increased sharply in 2022, both across the central Mediterranean and other routes in Europe.

Dissemination effect

Almost 17,000 asylum seekers arrived in Sweden, compared with about 11,000 the year before.

"Just this measure, I think, is important in the short term to reduce asylum pressure on Sweden," says Henrik Vinge (SD)

The campaign is not yet intended to take place in the form of advertisements in foreign newspapers. However, Malmer Stenergard estimates that the information will reach the affected.

"You shouldn't underestimate how fast information is spread mouth to mouth. Therefore, we have to work widely, both through authorities but also through the media. Then we think it will have a spreading effect."

Facts: The government's new "campaign"

The information campaign includes:

Information package for foreign authorities and other authorities with foreign contact areas.

Directed communication to foreign editorial and news agencies.

Translation into English of more government information and expanded information on the government website.

Information to foreign embassies in Sweden.

Source: Government