In line with the price of electricity, the PV industry is growing so it is creaking. Twice as many installed plants last year.

And in line there are three times as many as in 2021. The back side is that it may be a year before the solar panels are on the roof.

Number of new PV installations in 2022 compared to 2021.
Number of new PV installations in 2022 compared to 2021.

In 2022, just over 50,000 new solar power plants were installed around the country, according to preliminary figures from the Swedish Solar Energy, based on the statistics of the three largest electricity grid companies. There are almost twice as many as in 2021. And the upturn accelerated throughout the year. The fourth quarter was also stronger than the third quarter. This is not usually the case.

"Often the installations go down during the fourth quarter due to winter weather with snow on the roofs and so on", says Anna Werner, CEO of the Swedish Solar Energy industry organization.

Calculated in installed new power connected to the electricity grid, it is about 1,000 MW, which corresponds to a nuclear reactor, to a total at the end of 2022 about 2,500 MW. However, the solar power is not as efficient over time, at night it will not be much energy. Calculated in energy, the sun stands for just over one percent of Swedish electricity production in a year.

Three times more

According to the network companies' statistics, notifications of building a solar power plant are also increasing, and this is a sharp rise, from 36,200 in 2021 to 94,700 last year.

"There you see the Swedish people's will right now", says Anna Werner.

But it also means that the industry does not have time to do it. There is a lack of both fitters and stuff to get the panels up on the roofs where most are installed. However, even the power grid companies may in some cases have waiting times before they can connect the plant to the power grid, according to Anna Werner.

"You can wait up to a year", she says.

Faster Count Home

Industry-leading installer Svea Solar's CEO Erik Martinson says that the queue time is around six months, which has increased in the last 1.5 years. There is a shortage of both fitters and materials.

But it may be worth the wait. When the electricity price has risen, the calculations have become more attractive. It is faster to count home a plant of 150 000 SEK.

"With these extreme electricity prices we have had, we have been able to count a plant for two years. Otherwise, with slightly more normal prices, it is around seven years, at a facility that lasts 30 years", says Erik Martinson.

Facts: Deduction increased

From the turn of the year, the tax deduction for the installation of solar cells was increased, from 15 to 20 percent. The deduction applies to both work and materials (but only if the material is ordered by the installer)

The maximum deduction per person per year is SEK 50 000.

It is also possible to obtain deductions for storage systems, i.e. Batteries, from self-produced electricity, with 50 percent of the cost.

Source: Tax Administration