According to the Norwegian media, former Wagner soldier Andrei Medvedev, who fled to Norway from Russia earlier in January, has been arrested with the support of the Foreigners' Act.

Wagner Headquarters in Russian St. Petersburg. Picture from October 2022.
Wagner Headquarters in Russian St. Petersburg. Picture from October 2022.

The arrest, formally reported to have taken place over the weekend, was confirmed to Norwegian media by the Police Migration Unit (PU).

"We are considering whether he should be presented for detention," says Cecilie Johansen, Head of Communications at the PU, to the newspaper VG.

Internalization is described as a type of security detention – not a penalty.

Medvedev's lawyer Brynjulf Risnes tells VG that there has been "friction" between Medvedev and the Norwegian police.

"He finds it difficult to accept the major security measures put in place," says Risnes about his client.

The independent Russian legal organization Gulagu, founded by human rights activist Vladimir Osetjkin, writes on the message app Telegram that Medvedev called Osetjkin on Monday and claimed that he is being held in custody for illegal migration, despite having applied for political asylum in Norway.

According to Medvedev, he has received information that he is to be deported. It is not yet clear whether the information is correct and, if so, where the Russian would be deported.

Apart from lawyers and investigators, Osetjkin is the only one who has spoken to the 26-year-old since he arrived in Norway on January 13. Medvedev claims to have left the paramilitary Wagner group after fighting in Ukraine for four months. He is reportedly sitting on large amounts of information and wants to testify about Wagner's war crimes in Ukraine.

On Monday, the Norwegian violence squad Kripos confirmed that they were interrogating the Russian. According to Kripos, he continues to have "witness status," reports Aftenposten