A suspected object has been found in a villa garden in Tumba, southwest of Stockholm.

Police cordon, Archive image.
Police cordon, Archive image.

The police got the alarm about eight o'clock this morning.

"A person has seen what one considers to be a dangerous object. We are in place and have blocked off", says the police press speaker Ola ร–sterling to mitti.se.

Accommodation in nearby houses has been evacuated or housed and bomb technicians investigate the object. At the same time, the police state on their site that there is no danger to the public and no person has been injured.

"We map those who live in the property and surrounding houses to see if there is any connection with previous serious crime", says Ola ร–sterling.

On the night of Saturday, a villa was fired upon in Tumba. There were people in the house at the time but no one was injured.