The water slowly recedes in the areas of southern Sweden that have been worst affected by the floods. However, how long it takes is unclear, according to SMHI.

At the same time, things can get worse elsewhere.

A holiday home area at Mellsjön in Västergötland is among the worst affected by the floods.
A holiday home area at Mellsjön in Västergötland is among the worst affected by the floods.

Water masses have penetrated buildings, destroyed roads and flooded entire holiday villages in parts of southern Sweden. Since last week SMHI has issued red warnings for the area around Marsjön and Mellsjön at upper Viskan and for Simmesjön at upper Ätran.

On Thursday, the high water flows have already reached their peak and the water slowly recedes. However, since it is such large water masses, it can take a while before it is completely gone, according to Disa Ekholm, hydrologist at SMHI.

"But you can expect it not to get even worse anyway. It will slowly retire", she says.

However, how long it will take is difficult to say.

"It depends on so many different factors. Land type for example, how much it tilts in the area and whether it's frost or the ground or not. Everything is weighed together and affects how fast the water flows away."

SMHI also has orange warnings issued for Dyltaån, Arbogaån, Storån, Nedre Ätran, Kilaån, upper part of Nissan and lower Lagan. Also several yellow warnings for high flows are issued in different parts of southern Sweden.

However, in areas around Dyltaån and Arbogaån it is too early to exhale.

"Here we saw yesterday that the flows still increased, and then it looked like it culminated during yesterday's day. But it's hard to say for sure, it can of course take off again", says Disa Ekholm and adds:

"So there is a risk that the situation will get worse."

Facts: Weather warnings

Yellow warning: The weather can have consequences for society and pose some risks to the public. Disturbances in some social functions are expected.

Orange warning: Could have serious consequences for society, danger to the public and serious damage to property and the environment. Disruptions in social functions are expected.

Red warning: Very serious consequences for society and great danger to the public. Extensive disruption of social functions is expected.

Source: SMHI