Two apartments in the Stockholm area were fired in the night – seven minutes apart. Earlier in the evening, a man was involuntarily abducted in central Stockholm.

"We do not rule out that all three events can be connected", says Ola Österling, Press Officer of the Stockholm Police.

An apartment in Farsta in southern Stockholm was fired with several shots during the night until Thursday.
An apartment in Farsta in southern Stockholm was fired with several shots during the night until Thursday.

At three o'clock this morning two apartments in different parts of Stockholm, one in Farsta in southern Stockholm, the other in Husby in northwest Stockholm, were then fired.

"The procedures have been similar at both shootings. An perpetrator has gone up into an apartment house, in the first case in Farsta, and shot several shots into an apartment. The shot has penetrated the apartment door and entered the apartment", says Ola Österling.

Seven minutes later, the same happens in an apartment house in Husby – an perpetrator goes up to an apartment and shoots several shots through a door to an apartment.

Right now, witnesses to the two shootings are being questioned, and the police are also mapping those who live in the houses.

The violence of the week in Stockholm.
The violence of the week in Stockholm.

Continued wave of violence

"There is very interesting witness information in at least one case. We believe, among other things, that a witness has met the offender", says Ola Östling.

He says that night shootings are a continuation of the wave of serious crimes that happened in Stockholm in the last two weeks.

By nine o'clock in the morning, the houses in Farsta and Husby were still sealed off.

"Right now a technical investigation is being carried out of the house in Farsta and technicians are also on their way to Husby", says Daniel Wikdahl, press speaker at the Stockholm Police Department.

"But it's too early to assess whether this could lead to an escalation of violence."

No one was injured in the two apartment shootings, and they're being investigated as attempted murder.


A few hours earlier, on Wednesday evening, the police were alerted that one person was detained by three other men in central Stockholm.

"He was involuntarily abducted from the scene and we could later locate him in an intermediate Swedish city where we also arrested three suspects", says Ola Österling.

The man who was abducted has not been injured and the criminal classification has not yet been established.

If the case could be linked to the shootings, you don't know yet.

"It's not likely, but we don't rule out anything", says Ola Östling, who also doesn't rule out more arrests.

Facts: The violent wave of the week in Stockholm

January 17 detonated an explosive device near Nytorget on Södermalm in central Stockholm and destroyed the entrance and facade of a restaurant.

January 18 was damaged at least three floors in a severe explosion at an office building in Kista. No person lived in the property.

January 18, late in the evening, a man is taken away in central Stockholm. During the night three men are arrested in a middle Swedish town and the man is found, undamaged.

January 19th at 03.06 a.m. The police were alerted that someone shot several shots through an apartment door in a apartment building in Farsta.

January 19 at 03:13 a perpetrator shoots several shots into an apartment in Husby.