The Social Democrats (S) propose a "think discount" for those who depend on the car.

It can give rural people 2 000 SEK in next year.

Mikael Damberg presents the Social Democrats' draft budget for 2023.
Mikael Damberg presents the Social Democrats' draft budget for 2023.

The high petrol and diesel prices were a hot issue in the election movement. S is now launching a new proposal in its budget motion. The tank discount should go to all car owners in the country who do not earn more than 50 000 SEK a month. Most "tank discount", 2 000 SEK under 2023, receives about 900 000 people living in sparsely populated areas.

But also city residents get part of the discount, but a lower amount. It is at least 400 SEK. The money is paid directly to the car owner.

"Not a single crown will cause the petrol companies to cut between. 100 percent will go to those who need it", says the Social Democrats' economic political spokesperson Mikael Damberg.

The "Tank discount" would cost the state close to SEK 5 billion in 2023.

Increase in child benefit

At the same time, the Social Democrats reject the government's proposal to reduce the energy tax on petrol and diesel, which costs the public purse 6.7 billion and is expected to give 14 cents cheaper petrol per liter and 40 cents cheaper diesel.

"We are convinced that it is possible to find a more accurate system", says Damberg.

However, Minister for Finance Elisabeth Svantesson (Moderates - M) believes that S's proposals do not address the basic problem of high fuel prices.

"The problem is the reduction obligation and the tax. Therefore, I think it is basically a worse proposal. You take with one hand and give with the other", says Svantesson.

The right parties and Swedish Democrats (SD) want to reduce the reduction obligation, the involvement of biofuels in the idea, to the EU minimum from 2024.

Another new S proposal in the budget exercise is an increase in child benefit of SEK 200 per child during January, February and March next year.

Other major differences compared to the Government's budget proposal are that S wants to increase general government grants to municipalities by SEK 12 billion, which is twice as much.

A large part of the Social Democrats' efforts is financed by the party wanting to pause the automatic increase in the income limit for when to pay government tax. This is estimated to give the Treasury when SEK 13 billion next year.

No emergency tax

There are no proposals for income tax increases compared to this year in the S budget movement. In the election movement, the party made a proposal for a "pre-emptive tax" for those with the highest income. No such proposal is included in the budget.

When it comes to combating crime, S proposes the same investments in the police and other justice systems as the government. Damberg points out, however, that it matches the investment in the police with an equal investment in measures to stop young people getting into crime. Therefore, S proposes an investment for more social security secretary of 500 million SEK.

Even S makes savings in the aid next year, but they are not as large as the government. The party wants to put back 2.5 billion SEK of the cuts the government wants to make. Thus, S policy would lead to an aid of just over 0.9 percent of GNI.

Damberg states that the S wants to return to one percent of GNI, but adds that it must be done gradually.

The S says yes to scrapping the climate bonus for electric cars, but is critical of the way the government has handled the issue.

The government's budget is supported by the Moderates, Christian Democrats, Liberals and Sweden Democrats. The Riksdag is therefore expected to approve it when the budget is adopted in December.