Minister of Finance Elisabeth Svantesson (Moderates - M) accuses the Left Party (V) and the Green Party (MP) of making proposals that risk major financial deficits.

"Not even in my wildest imagination did I believe that there would be such inflationary budgets."

Elisabeth Svantesson (M) describes the opposition's budgets as very fragmented.
Elisabeth Svantesson (M) describes the opposition's budgets as very fragmented.

The Minister for Finance comes with his comment after the four opposition parties put their budget movements in place.

"I can say many things but one is that they are very divided", says Svantesson.

In particular, she criticizes the Green Party and the Left Party for wanting to increase borrowing by over SEK 200 billion between 2023 and 2025 and for creating a deficit in public finances.

"They have a deficit path that is quite brutal", she says.

The parties want to reduce Sweden in the "deficit swamp" for many years to come, according to the Minister for Finance.

"Not even I thought well in my wildest imagination that it would be so inflationary budgets that are put on Parliament's table."

The Green Party believes that it is necessary to borrow money for climate investments in an emergency situation, and argues that the money will be recovered in the future.

Svantesson believes that the government's budget, negotiated with the Swedish Democrats, does not drive inflation.

"The budget goes with surpluses and should Sweden enter a deep recession next year, there is room for maneuver to support the economy in different ways," she says.