A work by Banksy in Kyiv. Archive image.
A work by Banksy in Kyiv. Archive image.

The exhibition "The mystery of Banksy – A genius mind" is coming to Sweden. During the spring the exhibition about the super-secret British street artist will be shown at the Admiral in Malmö.

The exhibition premiered in Munich last year and has since then made impact in Berlin, Vienna and Hamburg.

Banksy, who has created all over the world, began early to sell signed works of art and print in limited edition. It is therefore not common for the public to experience a genuine Banksy.

"We want to make art an experience, visible to everyone and collected in one place. (...) With The mystery of Banksy – A genious mind we try to collect the best and most impressive motifs in one place and in a relaxed atmosphere outside a museum, but still with high quality requirements", says exhibition producer Oliver Forster in a press release.

"The mystery of Banksy – A genious mind" will be shown in Malmö from 14th January to 21st May 2023.