Buyers and sellers meet in a new market this autumn

The month of July was unusually calm with prices continuing to fall in the housing market.

Towards autumn, supply can increase and prices can stabilise, but at a low level.

Köpare och säljare på bostadsmarknaden verkar till hösten mötas och landa på en ny, längre prisnivå. Arkivbild.
Buyers and sellers in the housing market seem to meet in the autumn and land at a new, longer price level.

According to the Swedish Brokerage Statistics, housing prices continued to fall in July. The biggest fall is in prices in the Stockholm area, where a right-of-occupancy property has become ten percent cheaper in three months.

In the Stockholm suburb Solna, the number of speculators has been few during July," says the broker Basit Malik at Mäklarhuset.

On the other hand, the first Sunday in August went well," he says. The buyers seem to be back after the summer holidays.

But if you compare with last year, there are certainly fewer visitors to certain shows.

The sellers are waiting.

Andreas Wallmark at Husman Hagberg in Gothenburg also sees that the number of sellers in July was fewer than usual.

On the other hand, sellers have discovered that it is difficult to sell and perhaps, with the advice of their brokers, expect a better market later.

Usually there are many students who are looking for an apartment, so then it should be a bit hotter among the small apartments I think, but nevertheless it is still quiet, he continues.

Catharina Stock Sundberg at Karlsson & Uddare in Nacka-Saltsjöbaden also feels that this July is calmer than usual.

This is probably due to the fact that many who are buying feel that they want to buy and sell in the same market. So then you think that you both buy and sell in the autumn semester, instead of buying in the summer and then sell in the autumn.

More for sale this autumn

The supply will probably increase during the autumn," says Stock Sundberg, which is good for speculators who for several years thought that the number of homes for sale has been too few. However, other things can make the market more sluggish than usual.

It is precisely that many people feel that they want to sell at the same time or before they buy, and then they feel that there is a general uncertainty in the market and that they are therefore waiting. And then, of course, a little concern about interest rates and where prices should go," she says.

Basit Malik also sees that apartment buyers in Stockholm place higher demands on housing.

The housing that is in worse condition is a bit more difficult. Everything has gone up in price when it comes to construction, construction materials and so on, he says.

According to Andreas Wallmark, buyers are also more careful when buying housing, which means that the brokers have to work harder.

People realize that they do not so easily make money from their home and are perhaps a little more careful about what they buy, which is healthy in itself, he says.

Meet at new price level

The housing market as a whole is in a declining period and since the peak quotation in March, the price step has been the largest since 2017.

In the Stockholm suburb where Catharina Stock Sundberg works, it looks like buyers and sellers are now starting to meet in a market with lower prices.

Buyers and sellers begin to meet each other and understand that it is now a somewhat lower price level than it was only six months ago, and they agree on that.

When the market stabilises, prices may rise slightly," says Andreas Wallmark.

Now it can be that prices stabilize at a slightly higher level than it has been at the bottom now. But of course prices will be much lower than they were at the top in March.

The buyers are starting to lower their expectations," says Basit Malik. He also sees that starting prices are rising in some places.

As final prices are now lower, many brokers raise the starting price slightly so that sellers can get a price that is closer to expectations.

Table: Prices of dwellings in July
Right-of-occupancy 1 month 3 months 12 months Average price SEK per sq.m.
Kingdom - 4% - 8% - 2% 37 673
Central Stockholm - 4% - 8% + 1% 99 185
Storstockholm - 5% - 10% - 2% 57 041
Central Gothenburg - 1% - 5% ± 0% 66 414
Storgöteborg - 2% - 5% - 2% 47 257
Central Malmö - 3% - 5% + 2% 36 300
Large ore island - 1% - 2% + 1% 35 330
Villas 1 month 3 months 12 months Average price SEK
Kingdom - 1% - 2% + 1% 3 249 000
Storstockholm - 2% - 6% ± 0% 5 876 000
Storgöteborg - 2% - 3% ± 0% 5 489 000
Large ore island - 2% - 3% - 2% 4 663 000