Swedish parastar: "Fire under the galoshes"

Lena Malmström started with par-dressage as late as five years ago and has made a comet career.

Now the World Cup debut awaits – and she dares to believe that the adventure in Herning can end really well.

I feel like I'm in a position to fight,' she says.

Paradressyrryttaren Lena Malmström på VM-hästen Fabulous Fidelie.
Couple of adressyrrider Lena Malmström at the World Cup-horse Fabulous Fidelie.

The first acquaintance with the competition arena was she and Fabulous Fidelie on Tuesday morning.

It feels a bit magical in there," says Lena Malmström after she got out of the saddle.

TT: The idea is that you and Fabulous Fidelie will come up with something magical too?

We have done our best and trained to make it magical.

With the amount of medals in the major championships, Louise Etzner Jakobsson is the most successful partner rider in the Swedish squad and again a medal candidate in Herning.

Hot horse

But Malmström's fine development in the last year at Fabulous Fidelie gives Etzner Jakobsson competition for attention in the coming days.

We've been out competing more internationally and I've managed to get right behind those who usually take gold and silver. I've beaten the bronze medalist. I feel like I'm in battle.

The combination won the Nordich championship gold earlier this year and came sixth in Paralympics a year ago. This means that Lena Malmström dares to set the bar high.

Yeah, but there was a fire under the galoshes on the horse today, so we'll see if I can get it under control.

TT: Good or bad that the horse is hot for competition?

At least we hope it's good. The limit is fine. It loves to show off but sometimes it has its own program that I can't, says Malmström and laughs.

Target: Qualify to Paralympics

TT: And then it's just to come along?

Then I'll have to try and fix it as best I can.

With four riders on site Sweden participates in the team competition. The most important thing is first and foremost to secure a place in Paralympics 2024. Then at least one seventh place is required.

A little ego trip you are and want to succeed individually, but we have great team feeling and Louise, Sandra (Karlsson), Amalia (Josbo) and I will do our best to at least pass the qualifying for Paralympics. That is the most important goal of the team.

Malmström competes on Thursday. First out of the Swedes is Louise Etzner Jakobsson at Goldstrike. She competes Wednesday morning and later in the day it is Sandra Karlsson's turn on Don Danimo.

Facts: Swedish riders in the paradressyren

Sandra Karlsson

Date of birth: 1.9.1984.

Lives: Eskilstuna.

Grade II.

World Cup Horse: Don Danimo, 10.

Main championship qualifications: NM gold individually (kür) and team 2022.

Previous World Cup: Caen, France 2014.

Louise Etzner Jakobsson

Date of birth: 9.6.1960

Living: Klintehamn.

Grade: IV.

World Cup Horse: Goldstrike, 11.

Main championship credits: Paralympic silver individually in 2021, two Paralympic bronze individually in 2016, EM silver and EM bronze individually in 2019, EM silver and EM bronze individually in 2017, NM gold individually and Law 2022.

Previous World Cup: Tryon, the USA 2018.

Lena Malmström

Date of birth: 4.12.1968

Lives: Hässleholm.

Grade: V.

World Cup Horse: Fabulous Fidelie, 10.

Main championship credits: Six in Paralympics 2021, NM gold individually and team 2022.

Former World Cup: Debutant.

Amalia Josbo

Date of birth: 23.3.1976

Lives: Karlskoga.

Grade: V.

World Cup horse: Lady Evelin, 11.

Main championship qualifications: Swedish Championship(s)-silver individually 2022, four at NM 2022.

Former World Cup: Debutant.

Facts: How the Swedes ride in the par-dressage

Wednesday 10 August

08.30: Individual class, grade IV. Louise Etzner Jakobsson at Goldstrike.

12.15: Individual class, Grade II. Sandra Karlsson/Don Danimo.

14.30 Medals, Grades IV and II.

Thursday 11 August

17.30: Individual class, grade V. Lena Malmström/Fabulous Fidelie and Amalia Josbo/Lady Evelin.

20.00 Medals presented individually.

Friday 12 August

11.00 Team competition, grade IV. Etzner Jakobsson/Goldstrike.

14.45 Team competition, grade II. Karlsson/Don Danimo.

Saturday 13 August

14.20 Team competition, grade V: Malmström/Fabulous Fidelie and Josbo/Lady Evelin.

20.30 Medal distribution team.

Sunday 14 August

09.00: Individual kür, Grade IV and II: Any with Etzner Jakobsson/Goldstrike and Karlsson/Don Danimo.

13.15: Medal distribution.

14.15: Individual kür, Grade V: Any with Malmström/Fabulous Fidelie and Josbo/Lady Evelin.

17.10: Medal distribution.