Busch's claim rejected by party colleague

Kristdemokraternas partiledare Ebba Busch sommartalade på Hönö i helgen.
The party leader of the Christian Democrats Ebba Busch spoke in the summer at Hönö this weekend.

The party leader of the Christian Democrats, Ebba Busch, said in her summer speech this weekend that the maternity units in Lycksele and Skellefteå are threatened with closure.

But according to party colleague and parliamentary candidate Betty-Ann Nilsson in Lycksele, this statement is not correct, reportsP4 Västerbotten.However, she describes the situation in Lycksele as worrying.

"We simply lack midwives and we need a better working environment," she says to the radio and continues:

Skellefteå is an expanding municipality, so that clinic will always be there, nothing else is on our maps when it comes to the region.

Christian Democrats Press Manager Sabina Bernhardsson comments on Busch's statements as follows:

"We have identified maternity clinics that would need reinforcement to avoid closure threats in the future or to secure future operations, including in consultation with our regional councils. It is widely known that there have been problems and shortcomings in several parts of the country. With so many abandoned maternity units in recent years there is a great deal of concern. Skellefteå is such an example," she writes in an email to TT.

Christian Democratic Party is expected to issue a press release to clarify Busch's statement.