Copenhagen Fashion Week gets rid of fur

From now on, it will not be possible for Danish fashion houses to show their collections at Copenhagen Fashion Week, if fur is included as part of the company's design on the catwalk.

So clear is the message from the organizers behind the Fashion Week in Copenhagen, who, after a long period of work on sustainability and UN's global goal, finally takes the decisive step and directs the spotlight towards a more animalish fashion as part of the requirements that must be met in order to participate in good company.

Copenhagen Fashon Week follows Stockholm, London and Melbourne, which also removed fur from the catwalk, and this arouses enthusiasm from the global animal welfare organisation World Animal Protection:

"We are really happy that Copenhagen Fashion Week has included animal welfare in its sustainability policy. We have had a long dialogue with the team behind the fashion week, which has finally realised that fur is a thing of the past. It is a great victory for animals when the fashion industry chooses to play a leading role in stopping the unethical exploitation of fur animals by the fashion industry," says Gitte Buchhave, Director of World Animal Protection Denmark.

The organisation recently published the reportCruelty is out of Fashiontogether with the organisation Collective Fashion Justice.

It lists designers such as Chanel, Gucci, Armani, Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga, as well as 20 other leading brands that have removed the fur.

"It's a good signal to the global fashion industry that CPH Fashion Week says it's unethical to promote fur from wild animals like mink and foxes, who have had a miserable life in small cages before they became coats, jackets and accessories," says Lina Dahl, campaign manager at World Animal Protection Sweden, and continues:

"It feels so good to see that Copenhagen Fashion Week uses its influence to help change the industry. It is high time that wild animals were removed from the catwalk, both for the sake of animals, but also for public health and the environment. Now it's time for other cities to follow Denmark's example," says Lina Dahl, campaign manager at World Animal Protection Sweden.

Copenhagen Fashion Week takes place in Copenhagen from today, Tuesday 9 August 2022.


World Animal Protection Sweden