Horror-actor death

Clu Gulager, till höger, har avlidit 93 år gammal. Här syns han med sin son John Gulager. Arkivbild.
Clu Gulager, to the right, has died 93 years old. Here he appears with his son John Gulager.

The American horror actor Clu Gulager, has died, 93 years old, writesDeadline.

With almost 70 years in the business Gulager was a real veteran. He was among other things known for the role of Mr.Walsh in "A nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge" from 1985. One of his last roles he did in Quentin Tarantinos "Once upon a time in Hollywood" from 2019, where he shows up as a book dealer.

He also directed the short film "A day with the boys", which was nominated for the Golden Palm for the best short film at Cannes Film Festival 1969.