Why the top lists are overflowing with alcohol.

"Kan inte gå", "Bubbel på balkongen" och "Fakka ur." Right now the toplists are full of songs about partying and drinking alcohol. A warm need after the pandemic or just a normal music summer?

Det är ingen slump att partylåtarna är så populära just nu, tror P3-profilen Sara Kinberg. 'Det är ju första sommaren utan en massa restriktioner', säger hon. Arkivbild.
It's no coincidence that the party songs are so popular right now, says P3 profile Sara Kinberg. "It's the first summer without a lot of restrictions," she says. Archive image.

It can't be a coincidence. It's the first summer without a lot of restrictions. I think it's connected with the fact that we finally get to be free. Even those who are under 18 have experienced a life with a lot of restrictions, says Sara Kinberg, entertainment journalist and programme director at P3.

The group with the appropriate name The company is currently second on the Swedish top list with the song "Can't go". Their collaboration with They know you, "Supa", is in sixteenth place and the song "Dum" on twenty-eighth. Also "Fingers in the neck" and "Burned the whole salary" hangs on top 100.

The band was formed by Oliver Norqvist, William Ahlborg, Adam Bergestål and Gustav Jörgensen at a pre-party in Falun 2019. None of them had a music background – or the ambition to become an artist.

There was a pre-party at my house and we had the music program up on the computer. So there was a beer on the table, of the brand "Five Come Second", and then someone pointed to it and so we started writing a song," says Adam Bergestål.

Medlemmarna i bandet Bolaget. Överst från vänster: William Ahlborg, Oliver Norqvist. Nederst från vänster: Gustav Jörgensen, Adam Bergestål. Pressbild.
The members of the band Company. Top from left: William Ahlborg, Oliver Norqvist. Bottom from left: Gustav Jörgensen, Adam Bergestål. Press photo.

"Threefold the audience"

The song got a lot of attention, but this was before the pandemic. It's only this year that it has started to come loose seriously for the band. "Can't go" went up on the first place on the Swedish top list on Midsummer Eve itself.

We have got a rough boost since we got out and played again. After the pandemic the curve has moved steadily up and in student times our catalogue began to fly, says Gustav Jörgensen.

Compared to six months ago, we have tripled our audience and our listenings, Adam Bergestål fills in.

In recent years the dominance of gangster rap on the lists may not be said to be broken, but there are more than the Company that have achieved success with alcohol-related music lately.

Guested "epa-raggar"

Rapper Adaam participates in Loam's "Fakka ur", a collaboration that met criticism from some fans on Instagram that he is visiting a "epa-raggar". Genren "epa-dunk" has achieved great success in recent years, something that is evident in the top charts where also "Bubbel on the balcony", with well-known party artists Sofie Svensson, Dom There, Elov & Benny is third.

When you talk about youth music, party bands and epa-dunk have gained more ground in the countryside, while those living in the cities may feel more close to rap. In the country you sing about being too drunk at a party instead of raping about weapons and crime. Then it's clear that young people all over Sweden listen to gangster rap, says Sara Kinberg.

The record companies show a cool interest in the party bands, which fills the folk parks and harbour festivals around the country – especially during the summer. The band's weekends are booked and live up to the band's lyrics, while everyday life testifies to the small town Tristessen.

Sunday to Thursday we have very boring lives, as we just sit in our studio and play video games or do music. We live in Falun and all our friends have jobs, while we sit and wait for the weekend to come so we can go out and play, says Adam Bergestål.

"Nothing better to do"

Sara Kinberg herself grew up in the countryside outside Uppsala. Björn Rosenström and Eddie Meduza were frequently played at the parties and she describes how the peer pressure – a harmless one – contributed to her fascination for music that lacks any form of political correctness.

There's nothing to do in the countryside. You hang out in someone's basement and have nothing better to do, while you have to get everywhere by car. Then it's not Celine Dion you listen to, but cool and tough party songs while you long for the weekend when you're going to crack a folk beer or get someone to buy out for you.

TT: Do you think the genre will ever die out?

No, I don't think so. It will always attract to do things that the adult world doesn't think are okay. Having a teenage brain means that there is a love for such lyrics that may not be so pk today, it belongs to.

Facts: Former Swedish alco songs in selection

Large: "Rom & kush"

National Theater: "Life is a party"

Mange Makers: "Fest at Mange"

Eddie Meduza: "More spirits"

Lill Lindfors: "Rus"

Wilmer X: "Only happy when I drink"

Ison & Fille feet. Veronica Maggio: "Sena nights, empty glasses"

Kjell Höglund: "A great strong"

Kick: "Fest with me"

The happy friends: "Drink booze and shut up"