France risks running out of gas this winter

En testanläggning söder om Paris, där bönder förvandlar spannmål och avfall till biogas för att slippa beroendet av Ryssland. Arkivbild.
A test facility south of Paris, where farmers turn grain and waste into biogas to avoid dependence on Russia.

The French Government warns that authorities and companies may need to ration their energy use this winter, even if their own natural gas reserves are full, since Russia has reduced its gas supply to Europe.

The call applies to both gas and electricity as the two systems are interrelated, according to Minister of Energy Agnes Pannier-Runacher.

Although France is less dependent on Russian gas than many other EU countries, the industry is still dependent on gas and millions of homes are heated with it. At cold peaks, the country's own gas reserves are not enough.

More nuclear power plants than usual will also be shut down this winter for maintenance, or because of concerns about safety.

We expect solidarity, mainly from Germany, to import electricity," says Pannier-Runacher to radio RMC.