Kansas votes to retain the right to abortion

The people of the US state of Kansas have voted to retain the right to abortion. The vote is the first on the question since the Supreme Court removed the country's constitutional protection for the right to abortion.

Aborträttsanhängare jublar under en valvaka i staden Overland Park i Kansas.
Abortion rights advocates rejoice under a walrus in the city of Overland Park in Kansas.

The residents of the conservatively minded Kansas had to vote on a proposal to delete the wording of the state constitution which guarantees the right to undergo the procedure, which in turn could have resulted in a ban.

The vote has been interpreted by many as a national value indicator of how the issue of abortion rights may develop after a number of Republican states hastened to impose bans in the wake of the Supreme Court's decisions. In neighbouring states Oklahoma and Missouri abortions are now almost completely forbidden and as late as Saturday Indiana introduced a new rigid legislation in this area.

The results of the elections show that those who were in favour of maintaining the right to abortion were considerably more in relation to those who were opposed, in line with the fact that the majority in USA supports the right to abortion, as has been shown in several studies.

According to Republican Minister of State Scott Schwab, voting turnout was up to 50%, a high figure.

The outcome of the elections means that it will continue to be possible to have an abortion until week 22 in Kansas.