Rapper Mystikal arrested for sex crimes again

Rapparen Mystikal har gripits anklagad för våldtäkt och misshandel. För tredje gången på två decennier. Arkivbild.
Rapper Mystikal has been arrested for rape and assault for the third time in two decades.

Rapper Mystikal is charged with rape in Louisiana and has been arrested by the police.TMZ.

The rapper, who had several major hits in the early 2000s – for example "Danger (been so long)" – is also accused of female abuse, illegal detention and vandalism.

According to TMZ, the police in Louisiana were contacted by a hospital where they then questioned the alleged victim for sexual abuse.

Mystikal has been accused of similar crimes in the past. In 2017, he was charged with rape but was acquitted for lack of evidence. He was also accused of sexual abuse in 2003, and was in prison for six years after he confessed to being guilty.