The death toll rises in Kentucky

Kentuckys guvernör Andy Beshear har sagt att översvämningen är en av de mest förödande och dödliga översvämningar som delstaten har sett.
Kentucky's Governor Andy Beshear has said that the flood is one of the most devastating and deadly floods the state has seen.

The floods in the eastern parts of the U.S. state of Kentucky continue to cause causualties, tweeting Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear.

Some thirty people have so far died as a result of the floods, but many more are still missing. Beshear has previously said that he expects the death toll to rise as long as the rescue work continues.

On Monday the rescue work was made more difficult by further rainfalls, and until the night and Tuesday morning more rain and new storms were expected, according to national weather stations.

"It is possible that large amounts of rain and severe thunderstorms lead to floods", tweeted a weather station.

The flood has caused bridges and houses to be swept away with the water.