SD wants to be able to pause application for citizenship

The Swedish Democrats want those who apply for citizenship or residence permit and then are suspected of a crime to have their application paused. This should also apply to persons as young as 15 years of age.

Sverigedemokraternas rättspolitiske talesperson Tobias Andersson. Arkivbild.
Swedish Democrats' Legal Policy Spokesperson Tobias Andersson. Archive photo.

Like many other Swedes, I am extremely annoyed by the fact that people suspected of a crime are granted a residence permit or even citizenship. This will affect possible sanctions at a later stage," says Tobias Andersson, SD's Legal Policy Spokesperson.

No matter how serious the crime is, the person should have his or her application paused in the meantime. Should the suspicion be dismissed, the process should be reopened.

Suspected murder

The party raises the issue because a 16-year-old boy is now in custody suspected of having shot a security guard to death at a gym in Stockholm at the end of March.

The police pointed their suspicions at him in April but then he was missing and turned out to be in Armenia, where he is a citizen. Meanwhile in Armenia, he was granted Swedish citizenship, whichAfton leafI've been reporting.

From 15 years

The limit for when the process can be paused assesses Tobias Andersson may be at the age of 15. The party has previously proposed lowering the criminal authority to 13 years.

We want to lower the age of criminality and then this proposal would have met younger people too, but if we were to start from today's point of view, it would have stopped at 15.

If the person is convicted, Andersson thinks that even minor crimes should result in expulsion.

Then you have failed in your vandelstesten and have nothing to do here.