Fewer Norwegians shop in Sweden

Jämfört med innan pandemin åker 28 procent färre norrmän över gränsen på dagsturer till Sverige. Arkivbild.
Compared to before the pandemic, 28 percent fewer Norwegians cross the border on day trips to Sweden.

Much fewer Norwegians go on day trips to Sweden to shop now than before the COVID pandemic, according to figures from the Norwegian bank DNB. The decrease from 2019 is 28 percent.

The figures apply to day trips across the border, according to Avisa Olso. Those who have been in Sweden for several days are not included in the statistics.

Ine Oftedahl, head of data transformation at DNB, says that Swedish commerce has had a tougher start than the bank thought.

After the reopening, we thought that trade would quickly bounce back to 2019 levels, but it has taken awhile. If we look to April, May and June 2022, the number of day trips has been 28 percent lower than we saw in 2019," she says.